Houston Best of Billiards

We’d like to thank you for taking an interest in Houston Best of Billiards.

Our goal is to create an action filled environment for the Houston Region.  Houston Best of Billiards is a challenge ladder where you challenge players to climb the ladder and accept challenges to defend your current spot.  We want to promote a respectful competition with good sportsmanship among players and give players of every skill level the chance to find some action!  Below is a brief summation of how it works.  A full list of rules can be found under “Rules” above.

The Challenge Ladder–   A player can challenge any player 7 places above them, unless they have a pending challenge.  In addition, you can be challenged by anyone 7 places below you.  If you win your challenge, you take that player’s position on the ladder and they move down 1 spot.  If you win a match you accepted, the ladder will remain unchanged.  This will create constant  movement in the ladder allowing new players within your reach.  The ladder can found in the “Ladders” Section.

The Challenge Match– A match consist of one set of 8-Ball and one set of 9-Ball.  If a tie exists after the first two sets, a third set will be played to determine a winner.  There is a minimum amount for the match, and races and amounts vary by opponent.  A full list of game rules are also listed above under “Rules”.

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