One Pocket


We have created this format as a means for matching up.  You may request a match with anyone on the ladder below at anytime. Phone numbers have been listed to set up a match with the players. Once a day and time has been agreed upon, please make a post on the Facebook group page (tag Teresa Garland) or text Eddie Legg (281-728-4282) to have it scheduled.

Currently, matches can be played at Big Tyme, Bogies, or Bogies West free of charge.

IMPORTANT: the match must be on the schedule. If not, you will be charged table time.

Race to 3, using the handicap chart below to determine the game.
Minimum match amount is $30
Lag for 1st break, Rack your own, Alternate Break.

Game Rules can be found under the Handicap chart.

*****Dues are $20 monthly. Players participating in the challenge ladders will be discounted to $15 monthly. Dues must be paid by the 5th of the month or you will be removed. Dues must be paid in cash or via PayPal to
******Quarterly Tournaments with money added, available to all paid members on the ladder with a $40 entry fee. More details will be provided by April 1st.


New Members without a known ranking will start as a 16.