Houston Best of Billiards ladder tournament will be an ongoing competition that has no true end.  It is meant to be a vehicle to connect as many players as possible for matches in the Houston Area.

Our Rules as of 01/01/2020



Facebook page: Houston Best of Billiards

  1. New players may join the ladder at any time, entering at an assigned level determined by the tournament committee. New players will be added to the end of the group.

1A. There is a $10 monthly fee for each member.Discounts are available for 6 month and 12 month prepaid. For new players, you must pay prior to being added to a ladder. Existing players, dues are due on the 1st of each month. Unpaid members will be removed on the 10th of the month. A portion of this fee will be paid out to the ladder in January of each year, in the form of a tournament. Details are listed below.. Payments can be made on the website under “membership”

  1. You may challenge a player ranked within 7 places above you by tagging that player in a new challenge post in the HBOB Facebook group only. However, you may not challenge a player who has a scheduled match, these players will be highlighted in yellow in the group list. This includes players who have been challenged but have not set a time to be scheduled. You CANNOT challenge players in messenger, by text, or in person. Challenges will not be legit until a Facebook post has been made on the group page and scheduled by admin.

2a. The #1 and #2 spot ONLY can challenge any player in the Ladder. This is a spot for spot challenge. For example, If the #1 spot challenges the #20 spot and loses, #1 goes to #20, and #20 goes to #1. You must post the results as a spot for spot challenge when posting scores.

3.  The challenged player chooses the venue and table size bar table or 8’ (if applicable).

If the challenger cannot accommodate the challenged player’s choice of venue the committee will then choose a location reasonable to both parties. In this case, the committee will determine if the location is outside of a 30 mile radius from the center (the center being Big Tyme).

In other words, if you live outside of Houston, you may be required to drive up to 30 miles since it is a 30 mile radius.

Please be courteous and choose a location reasonable to each other.

  1. If the challenger receives no reply within 3 days (72 hours), then the challenge will be forfeited. You must tag a committee member 12 hours prior to the end of 3 days so we can attempt to notify the other player. Once a challenge is accepted , the match must occur within 7 days. If a challenged player is unable to play during that week, and every effort has been made to schedule, the challenge will be cancelled upon committee approval. If you cannot make your scheduled match, you must notify the other player at least 2 hours before the scheduled match time. If you fail to notify them the match will be forfeited . In Addition, i f you fail to notify the other player, you will owe them for the match, A-C $20 and C $10. You will not be allowed to challenge another player until this has been paid and the committee has been notified. (These players will be marked in red on the list.) A player has a right to refuse a challenge for a legit reason only. ex. Work , vacation etc . If a player repeatedly abuses this rule they will be removed from the list.

4a. If you are going to be late to your scheduled match, you must notify your opponent as soon as possible. If you have not contacted them within 30 minutes of the match time, you will forfeit the match and owe them for the challenge. If you have contacted the opponent, you will have an additional 30 minutes to arrive, not to exceed 45 minutes from the scheduled match time. After that time, it is a forfeit.

  1. A challenged player will not be required to play more than one match per week. If a second challenge occurs within the same week, the challenged player may postpone the challenge until the next week. In this case, the challenged player needs to acknowledge the new challenge. However, any player can play as many matches as they wish as long as all guidelines and rules are followed. Also, you may not challenge a player that has just finished a match until the standings have been UPDATED.

6. You may not “call winner” of a match prior to the conclusion of a match.  Refer back to rule #2.

  1. A match will consist of two sets, one 8 ball race and one 9 ball race. Flip a coin for first break and choice of game decision. Winner of the coin flip can choose to break or pick the game. If you choose 8 ball first, 9 ball will be played the 2nd set, and vice versa. Flip a coin for the break in the second set. Sets can be played in either order.If the match is tied after both sets are played, flip a coin. Winner of this flip chooses to break or has choice of game, either 8-ball or 9-ball for the tie-breaker set.
  1. Every match for to C players, has a minimum $20 per player entry fee. For C- members, the minimum is $10. If both players desire, a higher entry fee is acceptable. A match consist of all sets, one 8 ball, one 9 ball, and the tie-breaker set, if necessary.
  1. The winner of the match must report the scores immediately after the match, on the Facebook group page.

Enter the scores in a new post in the HBOB Facebook group.  If the challenger wins, they move one spot above the player they beat and everyone in between the two players moves down 1 spot in the ladder. If the challenger loses the ladder remains unchanged.

  1. You may only play the same player once every 2 weeks . If the first scheduled match is forfeited, it is considered to have been played.
  1. All matches are to be played on bar table or 8’ tables. EXCEPTION, if both parties agree you can play on 9 ft tables but both parties MUST agree or the match will be played on the bar table or 8’, whichever the challenged player designates .
  1. The HBOB Facebook group is for adding members, challenges and score reporting only.

Joining the group page will not put you in a ladder. You must make a new post to be added by the committee.

13. Any player who is removed from the ladder, whether by default or by request, will lose their matches played upon returning to the Ladder.

    1. Players conspiring to play matches for less than the minimum amount will be removed from the ladder for 90 days, and will return to the list at the bottom of their respective ladder.
  1. Players can be removed from the group at anytime for not following the rules listed and will lose their matches played to-date.
  2. Players who request to be marked unavailable (grayed out), will have to provide the committee with sufficient information and must be deemed necessary.  Any players put in gray will be for no longer than a 14 day period. Please note that this request does not mean your dues can be skipped. All players on the ladders must be current with their monthly dues.  In addition, once a player becomes active again, you may not issue a challenge for 48 hours.
  3. All challenges must be a new post , all details after setting up a match must be in new post and all reporting a match must be in a new post AND submit on website

Game Rules:

Flip a coin for first break OR choice of game at the start of the first two sets. If you choose 8 ball first, 9 ball will be played the 2nd set, and vice versa. Sets can be played in either order. If the match is tied after both sets are played, flip a coin. Winner of this flip chooses the break OR the choice of either 8-ball or 9-ball for the tie-breaker set.

8-Ball Rules : BCA Rules: Winner break, rack your own. Scratch on the break is ball in hand anywhere on the table, table is open after the break, call pocket for all shots including the 8 Ball making the 8 ball and scratching is a loss, (if you scratch on the 8 but do not pocket the 8, it is ball in hand), If you pocket the 8 on the break, the shooter has the option to spot the 8 and continue shooting or re-break. If a ball is disturbed, the opponent has the option to move the ball back to it’s original position or leave it as-is. If two balls are disturbed, it is a ball in hand foul and the disturbed balls remain as they lay.

9-Ball Rules : Alternate the break, rack your own, 2 ball must be racked at the bottom of the rack, the 9 ball doesn’t count on the break in the back 2 pockets(any other pocket is a win), push out after the break is allowed, there is NO 3-foul rule in effect. There is not a re-racking option if the 9 is made on the break, it is to be spotted and play continues.  However, it is counted as a pocketed ball and the shooter will continue his/her turn unless a foul occurred on the break.

Headphones are Not allowed.

Jump cues are allowed (bar or pool hall permitting)

Even Races
A+++ vs A+++ 9-7
A++ vs A++ 8-6
A+ vs A+ 7-5
A vs A 7-5
B vs B 7-5
C vs C 7-5
C- vs C- 6-4
Handicapped Races
A+++ 10-8
A++ 9-7
A+ 8-6
A 7-5
B 6-4
C 5-3
C- 3-2

Scotch Doubles rules and races:

You may challenge up to 5 places above you.  The teams in the 1st and 2nd position may challenge down, spot for spot.

$20 monthly per team/ $200 if paid annually
Match will consist of 1 set of 8 Ball
$20 minimum per match per team (not per person)
Flip for 1st break
Alternate the break
Rack your own
BCA Rules
Alternate shot per rack – either player can break, then alternate shot.

To determine the race, add the two players race from below.

Teams consisting of 2 C- players will always go to 2.

A+++ = 9 ( will be 9.5 with 2 A+++ players)

A++ = 8

A+ = 7
A = 6
B = 5
C = 4
D = 3
D- = 2

BCA rule for timeouts= You may converse with your partner during your turn but both players may NOT approach the table together.

We will evaluate the races as play begins and adjust if necessary. We want this to be fair for everyone and give everyone a chance to win.

If you have questions about the rules, you can reach us through the CONTACT PAGE.

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